Job Opening for Executive Director

The Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless is looking for a new Executive Director.

Job Description:

Provide leadership and support for lead agency on homelessness, serving as Continuum of Care for state and federal funds, improving system capacity to provide best practice services focused on making homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring.

  1. Coordinate regional homelessness services
    • Manage implementation of community plan to end homelessness
    • Provide best practice information to providers
    • Incubate and encourage collaborative approaches
    • Identify and avoid duplications of effort
    • Connect to other system collaborations and coalitions
    • Coordinated with state-wide efforts, liaison with VCEH
  2. Collect, analyze and manage community and program level data
    • Identify and contract with HMIS service provider
    • Serve as HMIS lead, until another lead is available or identified
    • Monitor data entry practices of funded agencies
    • Review program performance
    • Coordinate with other data collection efforts
    • Identify unmet need and gaps in service
  3. Seek funding for homelessness system of care
    • Prepare and organize annual CoC application
    • Prepare and organize annual DHCD application
    • Prepare and organize annual ABRT application
    • Prepare and organize city and county requests
    • Cultivate private donors
  4. Advocate for improvements in housing
    • Support development of affordable housing in all its forms
    • Liaison with CRHA and Albemarle Housing
    • Participate in City of Charlottesville Housing Advisory Committee
  5. Report out on TJACH’s efforts
    • Complete HUD reports including PIT, HIC and AHAR reports for community
    • Completed required monitoring and outcome reports for DHCD and ABRT stakeholders
    • Monitor and report out on progress made towards Community Plan to End Homelessness
    • Communicate with area stakeholders, press and others through public presentations and website content
  6. Staff Support: Serve as staff to TJACH Governance Board and all standing and ad hoc committees, maintain public record and minutes of board meetings, responding to assignments of board members

Skills Required

  • Knowledge of homelessness system of care including providers, best practice interventions, and benchmarks for performance
  • Knowledge of non-profit organizations, methods and techniques of program planning, and evaluating program needs, effectiveness and outcomes/results
  • Consensus building and partnership development
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Strategic planning and project management
  • Analytical and organizational skills and creative problem-solving
  • Fundraising, grant-writing and grant administration
  • Flexibility a must, humor a plus

Additional Info

  • Information on TJACH’s community plan to end homelessness can be found at:
  • Information on best practices for homelessness systems of care can be found at:

Please submit cover letter, resume and three professional references, electronically, by May 31, 2017 to  Please mark EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SEARCH in the email subject line.