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Funding Opportunities

Funding for homelessness prevention and intervention activities is available from private funders, local government, State of Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), and the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Members of the Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless agree to identify available funding resources and determine, as a community, which area programs should seek funding support based on outstanding local need and eligibility requirements. The coalition seeks to submit community-wide applications based on a collaborative and strategic approach. Applications submitted outside this process will not receive endorsement and support from the coalition.

On February 26, 2014, the TJACH Governance Board determined the following funding priorities for collective and collaborative applications for the year. These funding priorities will remain in place until the TJACH Governance Board completes its community planning process to determine new or different funding priorities.



A primary responsibility of the Continuum of Care is to identify and support specific funding priorities, using local data to determine needs and identify gaps in the service delivery system. A robust community plan, updated with yearly action plans, will address this function. While TJACH is updating its community plan, the TJACH Governance Board recognizes the need to identify funding priorities that will inform community-wide and collaborative funding proposals as well as the activities of coalition staff in the interim. At its regular meeting, TJACH identified the following priorities:

Invest in prevention

            Target prevention dollars to those most likely to become homeless

Use validated and proven assessment tools

Invest in rapid re-housing

            Use validated and proven triage tools to identify those with highest need

Invest in supportive and stabilization services

            Support case management activities after housing has been achieved

            Explore improved connections to employment training & placement resources

Invest in HMIS and TJACH administrative activities

Support the maintenance of emergency shelter resources, particularly those that participate in coordinated entry

Improve our understanding of the needs of homeless and near-homeless families through better data collection and connection to family-serving organizations

Support the development of resources & programs for youth aging out of foster care, including independent living projects

Support efforts to increase the overall number of affordable housing units

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Virginia Housing Trust Homeless Reduction Grant Program

Charlottesville-Albemarle Agency Budget Review Team

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